Rafael Navarro

To me, photography is a medium.

A medium that allows me to speak when I cannot find the words.

A medium through which I explore my subconscious, allowing contents and hidden feelings to surface.

A medium that allows me to create objects containing subtle values intelligible to others.

A medium that lets me breathe my freedom.

Born in 1940 in the city of Zaragoza, Rafael Navarro began his long artistic career in the early seventies.

His work is a reflection of his inner world, where showing the obvious has rarely been a target. The artist, who as an experienced teacher masters the technological aspect of art, often waives the control of the movement, the acutance, or the rigorous mechanical accuracy that enables photography, to leave the eloquence of the form open, and the essential crossroad of subjectivities, where the artwork and the reader can truly meet.

His fascination with nature and the importance that it exerts in his work is one of the constants in his extensive work. The human body, free from the artifices of the garment, where a fold is another kind of landscape or how cycles and time make their way and leave their mark on a stone or a vegetation.

His work has been exhibited in national and international galleries and museums more than 700 times, and is part of around the world relevant institutions’ collections. Hundreds of references and publications document both his work and his personal journey from 1975 to the present day.

In recognition of his contribution to contemporary art, the Real Academia de Nobles y Bellas Artes de San Luis, has awarded its admission as full member.

Ángel Mª Fuentes de Cía

Rafael Navarro is the author of the following books:
Dípticos (1986), Le forme del corpo (1997), Catálogo razonado 1975-1998 (2000), Don't disturb (2001), Photobolsillo 44 (2002), En el taller de Miró (2006), Cuerpos iluminados (2006), A destiempo (2011), Elipsis (2015) y Polifonías (2016).